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Flarebooms and Kingposts

ICON are specialists at integrating 3rd party well test equipment with existing rig infrastructure.

Typical scopes of work include:

  • Structural design reviews and strength checks of existing kingposts
  • Design, fabricate and install new flareboom kingposts and swivel bases
  • Lift studies and deployment plans for flarebooms
  • Handling and deployment solutions including winches, outriggers and rigging arrangements that enable controlled deployment and retraction of the flareboom
  • Flareboom deployment sequence drawings
  • Procedures, equipment and personnel for offshore load-testing, pre- and post- load test NDT and load test report with NATA accredited test certificate
  • Design and fabrication of dummy flarebooms for load testing of newly installed kingposts

Burner boom support cradles and kingpost.jpg

Burner Boom Support Cradles and Kingpost

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