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Heave Compensated Coiled Tubing Lift Frames (CCTLF)

ICON’s Heave / Motion Compensated Coiled Tubing Frames include all the benefits of the rigid coiled tubing lift frame, while also incorporating primary passive heave compensation system.

The CCTLF is typically used on rig's equipped with an active heave drawworks, where the passive heave /motion compensation of the CCTLF is safer for completions and well testing operations.

With ICON’s patented control valve arrangements and advanced design features including failsafe mechanisms and inbuilt redundancy, ICON CCTLFs can be run as either the primary or back-up compensators for any ‘locked-to-bottom’ operations.

Once operational, the ICON CCTLFs deliver low load variations when compared to the rig’s existing active heave drawworks, with minimal tension variation while heaving in varying sea conditions.

ICON's Advance Riser Tension Protector (ARTP) Tension Frames are an alternative to the CCTLF, provding an optimised solution mitigating the risk of rig compensator lockup.

Using ICON’s onshore test facility in Carlisle allows for full interface and function testing of the CCTLF unit prior to offshore deployment. Lessons learned from this testing are then incorporated into installation and operations procedures prior to offshore deployment – saving valuable critical path time once offshore.

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