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Tension Lift Frames

The ICON Tension Lift Frame (TLF) is a simple, robust design, ideal for wireline and coiled tubing operations on floating rigs.

The Tension Lift Frame is installed beneath the rig's top drive and interfaces directly to the surface flow tree optimising stack-up height.

Key Benefits:

  • API 8C and DNV  compliant

  • Suitable for load ratings from 500kips - 1500kips

  • Robust structural load path with no bolted connections

  • PCE operating window complete with man-rider and utility winches as required

  • Interchangeable interfaces to surface equipment (I.e. Surface Flow Tree), with minimum stack-up height consumption

  • Customisable to suit project specific requirements

  • Lightweight and easy to transport and install, utilising standard drilling connections for minimum rig-up time

    For more information, download the TLF brochure:


ICON tension lift frame rigged up offshore.jpg
An ICON Tension Lift Frame


Myanmar Tension Lift frame TLF.jpg

An ICON Tension Lift Frame (TLF) rigged up offshore Myanmar
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