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Tension Lift Frames (TLF)

With 20 years of proven operational history, ICON’s 2020 model Tension Lift Frame has been re-designed and optimised to provide improved safety, functionality, reliability and efficiency for wireline and coiled tubing operations on offshore drilling rigs.

Key Features / Benefits

  • Enhanced Upper Spreader Beam design with dual side mounted winches providing increased functionality and maximised operating headroom.
  • Bespoke winch design with minimum spooling offset from well centre and quick, controlled lift speeds.
  • Wireless winch controls for safe operation from either drill floor or lift frame.
  • Modular system for maximum equipment versatility and interchangeability, ease of transport, reduced deck space requirements and efficient rig-up.
  • Robust structural load path with no bolted or welded connections.
  • Standard drilling elevator connections for quick rig-up and familiarity for offshore rig crew.
  • Direct surface flowhead interface with lower spreader beam which can be pre-installed to the surface flowhead onshore saving offshore installation time and optimising overall stack-up height.
  • Independently certified to offshore standards.


Technical Specifications

Listed below are ICON’s standard TLF specifications. Customised solutions can also be provided. Contact ICON to discuss your project specific requirements.

Codes / Standards:



Independent certification by DNV / BV

Load Ratings:

350t or 500t, API 8C PSL1


Top – API 8C profile ears to suit drilling bails to rig top drive or clevis pin to ICON ARTP

Bottom – Direct interface to third party flowhead

Upper Spreader Beam:

6ft standard width (8ft option)

API 8C profile top and side ears with retainer latches

Multiple underside padeye for wireline sheaves, equipment hang-off, personnel inertia reels, etc

Lower Spreader Beam:

6ft standard width (8ft option)

API 8C profile side ears with retainer latches

Interchangeable split inserts to suit 3rd party flowhead

Long Bails:

API 8C bails, 45ft or 50ft long

PCE Winches:

Dual hydraulic utility winches custom designed with minimum spooling offset from well center

Suitable for performing lifts from drill floor with up 30° operating fleet angle

2x 15Te safe working load

Variable speed control, up to 1m/s

Wireless remote controls (dual handsets)

Access Platforms:

Lower platform mounted to lower spreader beam

Upper platforms mounted to long bails

Zone Rating:

Zone 1, Gas Group IIB, Temperature Class T3


Full secondary retention compliant to DROPS Guidelines


For more information, download the ICON TLF brochure or contact an ICON Engineer to see how we can support your project.

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