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Talisman Malaysia Limited

Talisman Bunga Kekwa C Annex Platform: Conceptual Design and Installation

ICON Engineering undertook a conceptual review and recommended an annex monopod platform braced back to the existing BKC wellhead platform as the most cost effective solution for Talisman to add new wells on the BKC platform. The design concept was able to be installed by drilling rig or derrick barge.

Talisman Malaysia Limited (TML) required additional wells on the BKC platform.

The design concept was able to be installed by drilling rig or derrick barge. Although the initial plan was to use a rig, the platform was finally installed by ICON using the crane barge Seminole due to delayed arrival of the rig.

Lifting BKC monopod into clamp on the end of the brace.jpg

Lifting the BKC monopod into the clamp on the end of the brace


ICON worked through the Christmas – New Year period to re-engineer the installation procedures to suit the derrick barge. Offshore work was undertaken in the monsoon season of January 2007.

Brace being installed on existing BKC platform.JPG

The brace being installed on the existing BKC platform


ICON’s work scope included the following:

  • Conceptual design
  • Detailed installation engineering
  • Engineering support during fabrication
  • Management of offshore construction
  • Procurement and logistics support for installation
  • Provision of engineering, supervision and leading hands offshore

Detailed design of the platform was undertaken by TML’s engineering contractor in Malaysia with review and assistance from ICON.

Bunga Kekwa C completed structure.JPG

The Completed Bunga Kekwa C Annex Platform structure


Annex Platform Data  
Location  Gulf of Thailand, Malaysia
Water Depth 55m
Lateral Brace                     16 t, tied to existing BKC
Monopod weight                353 t
Topsides weight  150 t
Conductor pile size 0.914m
Diameter                           138m long


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