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Concept Study and FEED: Wellhead Platform, Offshore Malaysia

In 2020, ICON Engineering was engaged by a Malaysian energy company to conduct Concept Study and FEED Engineering for its next-generation wellhead platform. This wellhead platform design is planned to be used at multiple future locations for its gas expansion programme. 

The engineering focused on developing a minimum facilities platform design that could be installed using either a jack up drilling rig or conventional derrick barge. As such, it was imperative to ensure that the footprint of the jacket and topsides was within the cantilever and drilling envelope of the rig.

“Target Zero Facilities” philosophy

ICON worked closely with the client to define a Facilities Basis of Design that started with the philosophy of “Target Zero Facilities.” Therefore, all potential facilities to be included on the platform were challenged to ensure they complied with the target zero facilities philosophy.

Once the extent of the topsides facilities was finalised, the topsides layout was developed. The topsides layout was constrained to ensure that the topsides could be installed by Jack-up drill rigs typically used by the client, and available in south-East Asia.

After finalising/freezing the topsides layout with the client personnel (comprising facilities, wells and operations representatives) the topsides size and weight were determined and fed into the substructure design.

The substructure design was based around use of proven, optimised designs developed by ICON for the region, given the site specifics of water depth, met-ocean criteria, geotechnical conditions, personnel transfer philosophy and production well design.


Substructure Configuration Malaysia.jpg

Substructure Configuration for 620mT field development


The resulting platform (topsides and substructure) design met all the client’s required criteria and is now being used as the template for its forward field development programme. 

Platform Data:

Water Depth 55m
Jacket Weight (excl. piles)          360mT
Topsides Weight            260mT
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