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Concept Study Wellhead Platform, Carnarvon Basin, Offshore Australasia

In 2021, ICON Engineering was engaged by an independent Australasian energy company to conduct a Concept Study for an unmanned wellhead platform. The engineering focused on developing a minimum facilities platform design that could be installed using the jack up drilling rig. 


Top Deck – Hydraulic Workover Unit (HWU) layout schematic..jpg

Top Deck – Hydraulic Workover Unit (HWU) layout schematic.


Project specific challenges included:

  • Requirement for large top deck to accommodate a large hydraulic workover spread; and
  • Platform crane design - Needed to be located to enable access to all well locations in addition to supply boat operations.

The ICON scope of work included the following deliverables:

  • Platform Basis of Design and Functional Specification;
  • Process and Utilities Definition, and Equipment List;
  • Platform Layout – Topsides and Substructure.
  • Platform Weights - Topsides and Substructure; 
  • Basic Workover Equipment Layout and Interfaces;
  • Installation Methodology; and
  • Platform Cost Estimate and Schedule.

Following the completion of this Concept Study the major features of the Platform were:

  • Minimum facilities WHP topsides that incorporates all required interfaces including FPSO and well workover;
  • Slim, vertical four-legged jacket that can be readily installed by the Jackup drill rig;
  • Vertical drilled and grouted piles/well conductors– one inside each jacket leg, installed using the Jackup drill rig; and
  • Large top deck and platform crane to accommodate the portable Hydraulic Workover Unit (HWU).
Platform Data  
Water Depth 30m
Jacket Weight (excl. piles)  220mT
Topsides Weight  180mT


Platform Schematic for 400mT unmanned wellhead platform..jpg

Platform Schematic for 400mT unmanned wellhead platform.



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