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Conductor Supported Wellhead Platform Transport and Installation, Offshore Nigeria

ICON Engineering was engaged by a supermajor and National Oil Company (NOC) JV to perform the marine transportation and installation of a Conductor Supported Platform (CSP), Topsides and Connector Bridge all utilising the onsite drilling Jack-up Rig. The CSP is an annex structure to be installed adjacent to a larger Central Processing Platform. 

Utilising the rig in this way will yield substantial savings to the Operator by eliminating the need to mobilise a Heavy Lift Vessel from the North Sea to Nigeria.

ICON developed a custom template suspension and levelling system, to enable the jack-up to hold the template in the correct orientation and elevation during the running, driving and cementing of the 4 conductor piles.

During the installation the rig will install the template and continue with the well drilling program until the topside and bridge is ready for installation.


CSP Template at Quay Side, pre-loadout.jpg

CSP Template at Quay Side, pre-loadout

The topsides will be installed by the “over-reach” technique while the installation of the connector bridge has been engineered to capitalise on the jack-up’s transverse skidding capabilities as well as providing a completely static and precisely controlled lifting system. 


Conductor Supported Platform (CSP) Topsides Installation illustration.jpg

Conductor Supported Platform (CSP) Topsides Installation illustration

The CSP is the first platform the supermajor operator and NOC plan to install with a jack-up rig.

Key Data

Water Depth:                                        25m
Topsides Weight:                                  325mT
Jacket Weight:  excluding piles 100Mt 
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