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Drilling Campaign Support Semi-submersible MODU, Timor Sea

An international operator required engineering and rig interface assistance for the preparation of a semisubmersible MODU for drilling and completions support in a Timor Sea development drilling campaign. 

ICON was engaged to design, fabricate and install new HP gas lines and a RMR (riserless mud recovery) return line into the rig’s main mud flow lines.

Both of these scopes were permanent installations to the MODU constructed in accordance with ASME B31.3, AWS D1.1 and the relevant Valaris piping standards. 

HP Well Test Gas lines 

ICON performed a laser scan and modelled the complete aft side of the rig to run the new piping run using PDMS software.

The new piping was to upgrade an existing 6” line to 8” to run between the starboard riser bay and each kingpost on both sides of the MODU.  The new 8” line can be seen in green below.

Given the difficult access routes for the lines, the onsite fabrication and installation was performed with a combination of scaffold platforms where practical and the remainder of the line was installed via rope access with a combination of rope access coded welders, pipe fitters, riggers and NDT technicians.

Wherever possible the pipe sections were fabricated onshore within transport limits and then the remainder of the fabrication was completed in-situ on the MODU including all pipe welding, support fabrication, NDT, pressure testing and touch-up paint.

ICON also completed the design, fabrication and installation of a new mud return line from the starboard wing deck up to the MODU’s flowline underneath the drill floor. ICON routed the new line, facilitated model reviews and then went on to complete detailed design, fabrication and installation of this line.

The Mud return line was also completed with a multidisciplinary ICON piping installation team by using both scaffolding and rope access and the line will remain on the MODU as a permanent upgrade for future campaigns.

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