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Topic Energy

TOPIC Halk el Menzel Wellhead Platform: Design, Relocation and Installation

ICON Engineering was engaged by TOPIC S.A. of Tunisia to assist them in the development of the Halk el Menzel field located in the Gulf of Hammamet, in the Tunisian Sector of the Mediterranean Sea approximately 70km to the North/East of Monastir, in approximately 74m water depth.

As the Halk el Menzel field is considered a marginal field, TOPIC’s strategy was to utilise mobile installations to produce the field and then be able to relocate them to eventual other fields once wells are depleted. The mobile installations consist of a re-locatable Well head platform, Mobile jack-up and a moored Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) tanker.

TOPIC planned to use the jack-up rig, JAWHARA 5 (J-05) (ex- ENSCO 60), which was to be converted and upgraded to be capable of both drilling and production activities as a MODPU (Mobile Offshore Drilling & Production Unit). With ICON’s assistance, it planned to repair and modify the TP01 (ex- West Cameron 600A) Tripod Jacket to support a new-build topside facility accommodating four wellheads and associated equipment.

Wellhead Platform scope

ICON’s scope included the analysis of the transportation and installation, design of the topsides structure and Operational Procedure development of the jacket lift, upending and installation, jacket piling and topside installation.

A particularly challenging aspect of this project was the installation of a jacket that was not initially designed to be lifted by a jack-up rig. This method of installation often requires of the capabilities of the jack-up rig to be a key consideration in the design of the jacket, something which was not the case for this project.

As such, ICON had to bring to bear its extensive experience of over 25 platform installations to ensure that the jacket can be lifted, upended and installed in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

The client failed to raise development capital and the project was terminated prior to FID.

Wellhead Platform Data

Water depth                             74 m

Jacket Lift Weight                     405 t

Topsides Weight                       90 t

Legs                                        3 sloping (batter) 

Piles                                        3 x 36” diam.

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