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Noble Corporation

Noble Drilling's Tom Prosser jackup rig: development, design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of a tension deck

ICON was engaged to assist in the conceptual development, detailed design, fabrication, installation & commissioning of a 300Te capacity tension deck for the newly built Noble Tom Prosser jack-up rig. 


The Noble Tom Prosser



  • Designed for simple deployment;
  • The riser and surface BOP to be able to remain deployed in the event of a cyclone;
  • Cantilever (with integral tensioning system) and tension deck needs the ability to be deployed during cyclonic seas;
  • Maximum overall length of 30ft when stowed but needing to achieve a 35ft cantilever when deployed;
  • Delivery in 12 weeks from initial contact.


Conceptual Design for Tom Prosser Tension Deck1.jpg

The Conceptual Design for the Tom Prosser's Tension Deck


By calling on ICON’s previous experience in the design of tension decks, a new concept was developed that incorporated a sliding section that allowed the deck to extend to the required reach when deployed.

extension deck1

The extension deck with load testing equipment slung below.


Tight Time Frame

The Noble Tom Prosser was due to depart Singapore on 1st September 2015. The entire project from development of concept, detailed design, fabrication, installation and commissioning was undertaken in 12 weeks. This included the fabrication and testing of a 300Te tension unit and range of ICON’s gripper clamps.

Based on ICON’s extensive experience in the operation of drilling rigs, ICON Engineers developed a means of deployment that utilised the existing capabilities of the rig and required no additional equipment or modification.

Culture of a Coordinated Crew

ICON deployed a team of engineers to Singapore to work closely with the rig’s crew to familiarise them with the deployment procedure for the deck. During operations offshore the deck was fully deployed in under 40 minutes. This crew interfacing is an essential feature of ICON’s engagement with its clients, and lays behind its history of successful installation projects.

extension deck4

The extension deck in its retracted position.


Tom Prosser Tension Deck under 450Te load test.jpg

The Tension Deck under 450Te load test


Tension Deck Data

  • Required Deployed Reach 35 ft
  • Max allowed stowed height 30 ft
  • Deck Capacity 300 t
  • Load Test 450 t
  • Deployable by existing rig equipment in less than 1 hour
  • Duration - Concept to installation in less than 12 weeks
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