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Woodside Energy Limited

Woodside Pluto LNG Project MEG Line Emergency Repair PLETs

ICON Engineering was engaged by Woodside Energy Ltd, to design, procure, fabricate and test a pair of Emergency Repair PLETs [Pipe Line End Terminations] for use on the Pluto LNG development.

PLET presentation12 crop.jpg

Diagram of the PLET

PLET Design

The functional specifications dictated that a pair of PLETs be designed, fabricated, tested and preserved so that they could be ready for rapid deployment. These PLETs are part of the Operator’s emergency response inventory. They can be rapidly deployed in the event of any ruptures to the extensive network of subsea MEG distribution pipelines in the Pluto Development. 

PLET install1 crop.jpg

Installing the Pluto PLET


Pressure rated to ANSI 2500#, each PLET houses a short section of 4” MEG line which includes:

  • a long radius bend to a 4” Asker Stab bucket suitable for mating with a pig launching facility
  • an ROV operable subsea isolation valve
  • a 2” bypass line complete with KC 4-3 hub connector.

In the event of a ruptured MEG line, the pipeline ends can each be retrieved to surface, a new connector hub welded into place, the PLET attached and the line redeployed. Once each section of line is fitted with its PLET, the two PLETs can be cross connected via ROV deployed jumper lines.

Key System criteria:

PLET Weight in Air                      6 Tonnes

Operating Depth                         830 m below sea level

Yoke Load Capacity                    45 Tonnes

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