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WAPET (now Chevron)

WAPET Saladin A Platform Reanalysis and Installation of Fourth Conductor, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

ICON Engineering was engaged to reanalyse the Saladin A platform to support an additional well conductor. The work involved analysis and detailed design work for the conductor guide and hatches.

Saladin A2.jpg

Well Conductor work on the Saladin A platform, North West Shelf.

The optimum solution chosen utilised a single conductor guide just above water and avoided any installation work below the water surface. 

ICON provided a turnkey service covering conceptual and detailed design, fabrication, and preparation of installation procedures and supervision of offshore installation.

Saladin A1.jpg

The Saladin A platform


ICON personnel were trained to carry out supervisory roles normally undertaken by operators under the WAPET Permit to Work System.

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