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Murphy Oil

Murphy West Patricia Field Development WP-IA Platform: Topsides Installation

ICON Engineering continued its involvement with Murphy Sarawak’s West Patricia Field Development with the successful installation of the WP-IA water injection platform topsides.

Completed West Patricia platform.jpg

The completed West Patricia IA platform


ICON utilised the same floatover system developed for the WPPA topsides, with slight upgrades to accommodate a weight increase and variations in geometry.

The topsides was fabricated by Brooke Dockyard and Engineering Works Corporation in Kuching. ICON carried out the engineering reviews and naval architecture to confirm the heavier deck could be installed using the existing system in the month of October. ICON supervised loadout jointly with Murphy’s fabricator in Kuching and performed the offshore installation. The project represents the second in a series of minimal deck floatover installations planned by Murphy in Malaysia.

West Patricia Loadout from Kuching, Malaysia.jpg

Loading out the topsides from Kuching, Malaysia


After sailing the barge to Bintulu, the topsides was skidded outboard to the installation position. The barge remained in port on standby awaiting the departure of the jackup rig from the WPIA jacket. A key advantage of this floatover method was that the floatover barge standby rate was minimal, especially when compared to the standby rate of a derrick barge.

View of West Patricia floatover.jpg

A view of the floatover


The topsides deck was installed immediately after the rig departed the location. The barge anchoring, positioning, floatover and docking operation was completed within about nine hours of the rig departing.

Topsides Data

Topsides Lift Weight                   685 metric tonnes

Deck dimensions                        31 m x 15 m

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