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Offshore Field Development and Decommissioning, Wellhead Platforms & SURF

ICON has 21 years of extensive field development expertise. ICON has a unique understanding of both the drilling and facilities aspects of field development, and delivers low cost, innovative solutions.

  • Marginal Field Development, Fixed and Floating
  • Innovative Contracting Strategies
  • EPCIC partnering
  • Cost-Effective Offshore Installation
  • Decommissioning

ICON is not a typical engineering consultant, driven to provide more man hours. ICON is not a typical, vessel-owning installation contractor, driven to provide more vessel days. We have harnessed this understanding to earn an enviable reputation of taking a truly innovative and independent approach to the way we deliver Field Development services.

Instead, ICON is driven to add value relative to the status quo. We deliver innovative solutions, wherever we can add value for our clients and partners, by harnessing our unique drilling support, engineering and installation execution capabilities.

We apply this approach across the full Field Development life cycle:  greenfields =>  brownfields => decommissioning.

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ICON is best engaged at the Concept study stage, to establish continuity of a project through to the execution stage.

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ICON can add value as part of any given green field, brownfield or decommissioning project.  Our concept engineering through to execution experience covers the full range of offshore facilities; WHP’s, MOPU’s, floating facilities and subsea systems.

ICON is well versed in the latest field development options globally. We establish the driving factors of your project, before we engineer in any level of detail. 

Perth Basin development plan

ICON’s considerable offshore installation heritage results in practicable engineering. ICON has a solid track record of developing innovative, practical and value adding alternatives at the conceptual study phase.

Capabilities include:


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In the appropriate seabed conditions, suction pile technology offers cost-effective, structural field development and installation options.
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