Products & Services
Primary and Back-Up Heave Compensators
Rig Compensator Lock-Up Risks and Mitigations
Back-up Compensated Surface Tension Frames (ICON ARTP)
Heave Compensated Coiled Tubing Lift Frames (CCTLF)
In-Line Drill String Motion Compensators
ICON Minimal Facilities, Conductor Supported Monopods and Platforms, Self-Installing Wellhead Platforms
Rig-Installed Platforms
Annex Platforms
Suction Pile Braced Monopods
Conventionally Piled Braced Monopods
Conductor Supported Platforms
Minimal Jackets: Tripods & 4-Legged
Tall Template Structures
Minimal Braced Structures
Platform Slot Additions
MODU Well Bay Modules
Standard Wellhead Platform Range
Self-Installing Mini-MOPUs, Platforms & Topsides
Wireline and Coiled Tubing (CT) Lift Frames
Tension Lift Frames
Coiled Tubing Lift Frames
Heave Compensated Coiled Tubing Lift Frames (CCTLF)
Lift Frame Ancillary Equipment
SURF (Subsea Umbilicals Risers and Flowlines)
Subsea Tie-in using MODU
Mid Depth Buoys / Mid Water Arches
Riser Bases
Pig Launcher / Receiver Landing and Levelling Systems
Subsea Manifolds
Bespoke Subsea Equipment
Templates and Protection Structures
Hydraulic Construction Equipment
ARTP Back-Up Heave Compensated Tension Lift Frames
ARTP B-Series Back-up Compensated Tension Lift Frame
ARTP C-Series Back-Up Compensated Tension Lift Frame
ARTP D-Series Back-up Compensated Tension Lift Frame
ARTP E-Series Back-up Compensated Tension Lift Frame
ARTP Frame Ancillary Equipment
Offshore and Onshore Engineering, Commercial Studies, Facilities Concepts and FEED Design
Commercial Studies and Independent Expert Reports
Field Concept Studies
Front End Engineering & Design (FEED)
Detailed Design
Minimal Offshore Facilities
Subsea Systems and Equipment
Onshore Processing, Compression and Distribution Facilities
Naval Architecture
Operations Support
Brownfield & FPSO Modifications
Equipment Testing, Operations & Maintenance
Test Derrick
Onshore SIT, Trial Rig-Up and Function Testing
Operations and Maintenance Support
Compensator Dynamic Testing & Pre-commissioning
Transport and Installation
Installation Planning and Optimisation
Marine Transportation
Installation by Jackup Rig
Topsides Installation by Floatover
Hookup And Commissioning
Subsea Installation
Flowline and Umbilical tie-in by drilling rig
Suction Piles
HAZID/HAZOP Risk Assessment and Safety Planning
Decommissioning and Field Abandonment
Well Abandonment and Platform Removal
Conductor Tensioning Systems
Conductor Tensioning Units (CTUs)
Top Tensioning Systems
Conductor Tensioner Control Unit (CTCU)
CTU Commissioning and Maintenance
Conductor Gripper Clamps
Gripper Type
Bearing Type
Conductor Hang Off C-Plates
Custom Drilling & Completions Equipment
Custom Equipment
Derrick Fingerboards / Monkey boards
Drilling Templates for Jack-Up Rigs
Riser Load Monitoring System
Marine Riser Tensioning for floating rigs
Offshore Construction
Subcontract Fabrication
Offshore Construction
Offshore Labour Supply
Construction Logistics
Brownfield Site Survey
Survey Reports and Spatial Modelling Services
ICON Rental Equipment
Materials Management using IFS
Supplier Diversity
Procurement Logistics
Drilling, Completions & Well Testing Support
Drilling and Completions Support
Coiled Tubing Support
Rig-Up and Installation Sequences
Well Test Support - Flarebooms and Kingposts
Well Test Support - Deck Equipment Seafastening
Standpipes and Well Test Piping
Firewalls and Blast Walls
Gravel Pack Support
Well Fluid Management Interfacing
Hydraulic Workover Unit Support
Interface Management/ Integration of Third Party Equipment
Conductor Analysis and Tension Plans
Drilling Engineering Support
MODU Logistics
Lifting, Handling and Equipment Deployment on Drilling Rigs
Subsea Tree Running
Engineered Lift Plans and Sequence Planning
Installation Aids and Guidance Systems
Transport Skids
Equipment Seafastening and Deck Strength Checks
Deck Management and Layout Optimisation
BOP Interfacing Systems
Complex Engineered Lifts
Bespoke Lifting Equipment
MODU Modifications
EPC Modifications to Drilling Rigs, Offshore Platforms and FPSOs
Rig Upgrades
Maintenance, Inspections and Class Survey Assistance
Deck Extensions and Strengthening
Crane Pedestals / Offshore Relocation
Piping Modifications
Access Platforms
Hydraulic Equipment
Rig Site Surveys
3D Survey
Inspections and Repairs
Interface Engineering
Offshore Personnel
Conductor Tension Decks
Emergency Support / Fast Response Engineering
Riser Recovery Equipment
BOP Recovery
Marine Riser Subsea Repair
Perth Yard Facilities
Perth Yard Facilities
Yard Services
Test Derrick
Pressure Control and CT Equipment Stackups
Test Tree and BOP Stack-ups and Testing
Construction Site Engineers and Labour Supply
Drilling & Completions Equipment, Offshore Operations Support and Rig Modifications
Field Development, Fixed Wellhead Platforms, SURF, Floating Production, Subsea, Onshore, Abandonment and Decommissioning
Track Record
Client Testimonials
Noble Drilling's Tom Prosser jackup rig: development, design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of a tension deck
Woodside Enfield ‘Far Stream’ Gravel Pack
AGR Puffin Field Development: Modifications to ‘Wilcraft’ Jackup rig for Subsea Completions
Laminaria Corallina Project Heave Compensation System
Seadrill West Atlas MODU: Pre-load Tank Hull Side Plate Repairs
Ocean Bounty (MODU) Cellar Deck / Pedestal Crane and Tree Handling System Upgrade
Sedco 702 (MODU) Repair and Upgrade Works
Wandoo B Wellbay Extension Design and Installation
WAPET Saladin A Platform Reanalysis and Installation of Fourth Conductor, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia
Chevron Wheatstone: ARTP E-Series Compensated Tension Lift Frame
Ichthys Subsea Pig Launcher/Receiver Levelling System
ENI Blacktip Field Development: Offshore Platform Crane Installation
Chevon Yammaderry / Skate field: Coiled Tubing Re-completions
ENSCO Timor Sea LNG: ARTP B-Series Tension Lift Frame
ExxonMobil Jansz-Io Field: ARTP E-Series Compensated Tension Lift Frame
Woodside Nan Hai MODU: Design, Fabrication and Installation of an Interface Structure (IFS)
Woodside Atwood Eagle Pressure and Fluids Management System
Woodside Tidepole Project: ARTP E-Series Compensated Tension Lift Frame
ENI GE Ghana OTCP Project: ARTP C-Series Compensated Coiled Tubing Tension Lift Frame
BHPB Buffalo Field Development Installation of Wellhead Platform, Timor Sea
BHPB Pyrenees Field Development: Design of Mid Water Arch & Gravity Bases
North West Shelf 2nd Trunkline Trencher Plough Feasibility Study
Talisman Bunga Kekwa C Annex Platform: Conceptual Design and Installation
Woodside Pluto LNG Project MEG Line Emergency Repair PLETs
Aarlborg FPSO: Boiler Module Packaging, Singapore
Lundin Bunga Kekwa Annex Platform South China Sea
Chevron Yammaderry and Cowle Joint Development Project: Installation, Hookup and Commissioning, Carnarvon Basin
WAPET Roller Skate Joint Development Project, North West Self, Western Australia
IPC Malaysia PM-3 Phase 1 Project: Bunga Kekwa A Wellhead Platform Topsides Installation, offshore Malaysia / Vietnam
Shell Skiff Field Development: Platform Installation by Jackup Rig
East Bunga Raya – BR-D Platform Substructure and MOAB Installation, Malaysia
Apache Wonnich Platform Installation, Australia, North West Shelf
Apache Shallow Water Minimal Monopods, Design and Installation, Western Australia
Apache Victoria Field Development: Wellhead Platform Jacket and Topsides Installation
Apache Double Island Project: "Minnowpod" Wellhead Platform Design & Installation, Western Australia
Murphy West Patricia Field Development WP-IA Platform: Jacket Installation, Malaysia
Murphy West Patricia Field Development WP-IA Platform: Topsides Installation
Santos Maleo Field Development: Minimal Wellhead Platform Structure, Indonesia
Santos Oyong Field Development: Tall Template Wellhead Platform Structure, Indonesia
Talisman BR-A Annex Braced Monopods, Malaysia
Apache Linda Field Development Platform Installation
ROC Cliff Head Project Platform Installation, Dongara, Western Australia
MMC D1 Cluster Development: Wellhead Platform Support Frames (WHSF), Sarawak, Malaysia.
BHPB Angostura LNG Project: Wellhead Platform Front End Engineering (FEED) Study, offshore Trinidad.
Cairn South Sangu Development: Wellhead Platform and Pipeline Conceptual Design, Bangladesh.
ARC Hovea Production Facility Engineering Design, Dongara, Western Australia
Arc Xyris Gas Plant: Engineering Design and Construction Management, Dongara, Western Australia
ARC Xyris Area: Gas Gathering System (XAGGS), Dongara, Western Australia
ARC Perth Basin Pipelines and Flowlines, Dongara, Western Australia
ENI Woolybutt Field Development: Scalybutt 1 Tieback Project
Nexen Buffalo Field Development Operational Offshore Support Services
Talisman South Angsi Platform Complex Review of Interconnecting Bridges
Wandoo and Woolybutt Fields Operating and Abandonment Liability Assessment
Newfield Jabiru Field Abandonment Study, Timor Sea.
Nexen Buffalo Field Abandonment Strategy, Timor Sea.
Newfield Challis Field: Abandonment Studies, Timor Sea
ExxonMobil Blackback Phase 1 Development Project: Placement of Subsea Flowline Jumpers, Bass Strait Australia
ROC 12-8 East and 12-8 West Field, China: Wellhead Platform Concept and Field Concept Engineering
Woodside Thylacine: Wellhead Platform Concept and FEED
Serica Kambuna Field: Minimal Wellhead Platform Concept, FEED and Installation, North Sumatra, Indonesia
McDermott Australia: Ichthys Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines, Design of Mid Depth Buoys & Gravity Bases
TOPIC Halk el Menzel Wellhead Platform: Design, Relocation and Installation
ROC Cliff Head Project: Field and Wellhead Platform Conceptual Engineering
Hess NMB Zak Wellhead Platforms: Value Engineering Study, South China Sea
Murphy West Patricia Field Development WP-PA Wellhead Platform Jacket Installation, Sarawak Malaysia
Murphy West Patricia Field Development WP-PA Topsides Installation, Malaysia
Woodside Goodwyn A Platform: ROV-Deployed & Operated Subsea Taut Wire Systems
McDermott Australia: Marlin B Flare Tip Handling Package
DOF Subsea Skandi Hercules Construction Vessel: Flexible Pipe Lay System
Woodside Browse Project: Cyclone Moorings, Site Selection and Engineering Study
White Paper: Continuous Risk Management in Mitigating Motion / Heave Compensator Lockup Hazards during Pinned to Seabed Completions and Workover Well Operations
ICON exports deepwater drilling safety innovation to Africa
ICON Engineering and ENRA Group form new Oilfield Services Joint Venture
ICON Heave Compensator completes deployment on LNG field
ICON's Advanced Riser Tension Protection (ARTP) Compensator Now Available for Rent
ICON completes Extendable Tension Deck for Noble Tom Prosser in 12 weeks
ICON's safer subsea completions for Ichthys project
ICON Engineer wins INPEX safety award
ICON designs world first subsea buoys
ICON CTU sales swim strongly against Gulf of Mexico tide
ICON meets with Foreign Minister at LNG18
Compensated Lift Frame finishes field tests
ICON Engineering Launches Next Generation Coiled Tubing Lift Frames
ICON Awarded HelM Wellhead Platform Design and Install Offsore TUNISIA
ICON's Industry Leading Testing Facilities
ICON Cracks 20% of the Jack-Up Rig Market
ICON Provides Secondment Services
ICON designs mid-water arch for offshore WA
Specialist drilling equipment takes a chartered flight
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